Living In Woodside

Living at Woodside Village, you get the benefits of living in a single family home, with no common walls and space around you, a place that you can call your own, but without most of the concerns that come with owning a regular house on the outside. The landscaping can be elaborate or simple and low maintenance. You decide.

Security is one of the reasons to live in Woodside. With only one entrance, neighbors and management that watch for strangers. There is also a very active (volunteer) Neighborhood Watch Program which helps Woodside Village stay free from serious crimes. Door to door salespersons are not allowed. Many residents travel and are comfortable leaving their homes for extended periods.

Auburn’s convenient location at I-80 and Hwy 49 makes it easy get anywhere in Northern California. Under a half hour to Sacramento and only an hour to Donner Summit, and it is only 45 minutes to Sacramento International Airport. At 1200 feet elevation, we are above the valley fog and below the snow. (About once in 5 years we get a little snow and very occasionally the fog does make it up here.) Transportation is easy. Bus pickup in the park, Amtrak make it easy to get around without a car.

Our Managers are very interested in the welfare of our residents. Although we are not responsible for your home itself, in reality both management and other residents try to be helpful and cognizant of your situation. This is especially important to those residents who are elderly and live alone.

As in any community, the interests of our residents vary. Although some residents would rather keep to themselves, many like to take part in the activities held by the park and resident groups.

There are many activities at Woodside. There are games, bunko, pinochle, poker, pool, being played in the clubhouse most every day. The pool table is used regularly. Bingo night is very popular. Most of these activities are run by the residents themselves. We have an active Social Club which sponsors many activities. Often there are speakers on subjects of interest to the residents. There are monthly “gaming” bus trips to Reno or other places. Outside there is shuffleboard, swimming, horseshoes, etc. Each month we publish a Newsletter. We also have convenient bus service. Auburn Transit will pick up just outside our Clubhouse, and Dial-A-Ride will come to your front door.

We have residents with a wide variety of ages and interests. Many or our residents are in their mid-fifties and still are active in their working careers. Others are retired, but are active in the Auburn area community.

Visit Us and Find Out for Yourself. Talk with our Residents. Our office is open from 9 am to Noon and 1 pm to 3, Monday through Friday. If you call us first, we may be able to meet with you at other times too. We are looking forward to seeing you. You may always come in, drive around and talk with our residents. The clubhouse is usually open.

If you compare other choices for dignified, safe and secure senior living anywhere in the area,you will find that living at Woodside is the best value there is.